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Septic Pumping Kent * Septic Tank Pumping Kent


Lee’s Sanitation Service has been providing quality sanitation services to Kent and the King and Pierce counties for more than 60 years.  It is a name you can trust to provide septic installation, repair and maintenance for your entire septic system. 

We know that you depend on your Kent septic system to efficiently process sewage and waste water from sinks, tubs, dishwashers and washing machines – and you can also depend on us to keep them in tip top shape.  From certified inspectors to septic pumping, Lee’s Sanitation Service is here to help.septic-pumping-kent-wa

When Is It Time For Septic Pumping in Kent? – Tell Tale Signs

We recommend that our Kent home and business owners do not wait for the appearance of any signs that your septic tank needs pumping! 

Depending upon the level of usage, you should have your septic pumping done every 3 – 5 years.

This quick and efficient process will eliminate the sludge (the heavier waste material that sinks to the bottom of the tank) and the grease build-up in your septic tank. 

If you are unsure about the currently condition of your septic tank, we have certified inspectors that can inspect your system and recommend any necessary repairs or improvements.  The following are signs that action should be taken immediately:

  • Lights flashing or sirens sounding – for septic systems equipped with an alert system

  • Toilet backup – sinks and showers or other drains

  • Overflow of smelly water around the tank area

  • Unpleasant odor – full tank or possible break in drain field line


Septic Tank Pumping Kent * Septic Pumping Services Kent


Repairs & Maintenance – Kent Septic Pumping and More

Once your septic system is in place, you must keep it in good working order to efficiently and effectively remove the liquid and solid waste.  Whenever there is damage resulting from broken or deteriorated baffles within the tank, or cracked or crushed pipes within your drain field, you will have a very unhealthy (and messy) condition of sewage backing up into your home or business and/or appearing on the surface of your drain field. 

Lee’s Sanitation Service specializes in Kent septic systems:

  • Septic pumping

  • Septic tank repair of rusted or stuck baffles

  • Broken or damaged pipes connecting tank to drain field

  • Drain field malfunction due to root intrusion or crushed pipes


If you have any questions about installation, maintenance, repairs or would like to set up a septic pumping, Lee’s Sanitation Service is a phone call away.  253-245-1080