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Lee’s Sanitation Service has been serving the Auburn and surrounding King and Pierce county areas for over 60 years.  We are yourseptic-pumping-auburn-wa septic system professionals for septic pumping, septic system installation, or maintenance and repairs. 

If you live in the Auburn area and are not on the city sewer system, you depend upon your septic system to process all waste water from your home or business.  Having septic pumping done on a regular basis is the first step to maintaining a properly working septic system in Auburn.

We recommend having septic pumping done every three to five years – depending on usage.  For business or high usage homes, it is better to error on the side of caution and plan for septic pumping every 3 years. 

Waiting for symptoms to appear, should be avoided if at all possible.  When septic tank pumping is not done in time, Auburn property owners will find sewage or contaminated liquids backing up into toilets, sinks or other drains within the building. 

This is a messy, unhealthy and certainly unwanted result of a full septic tank.  This can happen because:

  • Heavier solid waste sinks to the bottom
  • Sewage (or sludge) gets deeper over time
  • Grease builds on the top layer
  • Excessive sludge or grease can clog inlets to the building
  • Clogged inlets will cause back up into your Auburn home or business


Septic Tank Pumping Auburn * Septic Pumping Process Auburn 


Auburn property owners should schedule an appointment for septic tank pumping.  It is an easy and quick process and painless to the property owner.  We have the right equipment, a competent and professional crew, and will work around your schedule whenever possible.  You can expect septic pumping services to include:


  • Highly trained staff members
  • Fully-equipped septic pumping truck
  • The entire process takes 20-30 minutes


Excessive Septic Pumping Auburn * Routine Septic Tank Pumping Auburn


Your Auburn septic system involves your septic tank and components plus your pipes and drain field.  To keep your entire system inseptic-tank-pumping-auburn-wa good working order (and to avoid excessive septic pumping), here are a few suggestions and recommendations for our Auburn customers:


  • Do have septic tank pumping done on a routine basis
  • Do have your septic system inspected – including pipes, d-box and baffles
  • Do spread out high water usage items throughout the day
  • Don’t flush chemicals, paint or bleach
  • Don’t flush cat litter, coffee grounds, detergents, hair or plastic
  • Don’t drive or park vehicles on drain field


Lee’s Sanitation Service provides septic tank pumping as well as complete septic system repair, maintenance and installation.  Call today!  253-245-1080