Spanaway Septic Distribution Box


A well-maintained septic system is essential for efficient waste management on a property. Proper functioning of the septic system is dependent on the smooth working of its various components, including the septic distribution box (d-box).

Along with the septic tank and leach field, septic distribution box operates continuously to ensure proper waste disposal on the property. Malfunctioning of a septic tank distribution box can result in serious problems like drain field flooding or sewage backup from the septic tank into the building.

Considering how important the d-box is for clean and healthy surroundings in a property, hire only proven pros for its installation. Turn to Lee’s Sanitation Service for septic distribution box installation services in Spanaway, WA.

We have been performing drain field distribution box installations since 1950. The technicians we send to install septic tank distribution box in any Spanaway property come to the job with:

  • In-depth knowledge
  • Rigorous training
  • Extensive experience
  • The latest tools and technologies

Spanaway Septic Tank Distribution Box


Our services are also available for septic tank distribution box replacement in Spanaway properties. We send over well-trained technicians who can be relied upon to:

  • Inspect completely to assess the exact condition of d-box
  • Determine whether repairs would be feasible
  • Recommend d-box replacement only if absolutely necessary
  • Perform professional drain field distribution box replacement

We never cut corners on the job. Our experts remove the old septic tank distribution box carefully, prepare the ground well and install the new drain field distribution box properly.

Spanaway Drain Field Distribution Box


Our company also specializes in drain field distribution box maintenance and repair. Regular maintenance is the best way of minimizing septic tank distribution box problems and prolonging the life of the d-box as well as the septic system.

Neglect in maintenance and some other reasons can sometimes lead to damage to the drain field distribution box in Spanaway properties. At such times we come with highly professional repair services to get the drain field distribution box back in top running condition.

Our technicians can repair plastic as well as concrete septic distribution box. Moreover, they:

  • Are honest, diligent, dependable and courteous
  • Know how to find the septic distribution box quickly
  • Deliver effective repairs
  • Use only quality replacement parts

When it comes to installation, replacement or repair of septic distribution box, Spanaway residents should make Lee’s Sanitation Service their first and only call. Call (253) 777-1750.