Snoqualmie Septic Distribution Box


The septic system installed on your residential or commercial property is comprised of three elements: a septic tank, a septic distribution box and a drain field. The distribution box joins the other two and its job is to scatter the wastewater received from the tank throughout the leaching area.

It is important to have a properly functioning septic distribution box in Snoqualmie, WA properties to:

  • Avoid leach field damage due to overload
  • Prevent septic tank overflow that leads to sewage backups
  • Stop effluent leakage from contaminating soil and groundwater

The efficiency of a drain field distribution box depends on its quality and accuracy in installation. Timely and professional solutions to septic tank distribution box problems also have an impact.

At Lee’s Sanitation Service, we are happy to meet all your needs for installation, replacement and repair of septic distribution box in Snoqualmie.

Snoqualmie Septic Tank Distribution Box


A drain field distribution box comes in different shapes or sizes to cater to properties and septic tanks of varying sizes. While the older homes tend to have a concrete septic distribution box, others typically have a distribution box made of plastic.

Regardless of the material, the septic tank distribution box on your Snoqualmie property can erode with time and have to be replaced. Give us a call when you start having frequent septic tank distribution box problems and suspect that replacement of the box is necessary.

We send over a team of skilled technicians to:

  • Find the distribution box quickly, with minimal property damage
  • Inspect the drain field distribution box carefully
  • Confirm if septic distribution box does need to be replaced
  • Carry out septic tank distribution box replacement seamlessly

Snoqualmie Drain Field Distribution Box


We pride ourselves on strong work ethics and never ask our customers to get the drain field distribution box in their Snoqualmie property replaced if it can be repaired effectively.

When you call us to look into the issues that you are having with your plastic or concrete septic distribution box, rest assured that your investment is in safe, reliable hands. We put the best in men, equipment and materials on your drain field distribution box repair job to get it:

  • Done right the first time
  • Completed with enduring solutions
  • Finished quickly to get your septic system restored soon

Call the experts at Lee’s Sanitation Service for installation, repair or replacement of your septic tank distribution box in Snoqualmie. Dial (253) 777-1750.