Renton Septic Distribution Box


A septic distribution box is an important component of any septic system. Wastewater leaving the septic tank enters the septic distribution box, where the wastewater gets divided and discharged to the drain field. A septic distribution box prevents unequal effluent distribution, which is a primary reason for drain field failure.

If you need to install or replace your septic distribution box in Renton, WA, Lee’s Sanitation Service is ready to help. We have the training and knowledge to assist commercial and residential clients with all of their septic distribution box needs in Renton.

We offer:

  • Trained sanitation experts
  • Quality workmanship
  • Dependable customer service

Renton Septic Tank Distribution Box


A septic tank distribution box plays a crucial role in eliminating your wastewater. One of the leading reasons why the septic tank distribution box needs to be replaced is the water flow. If the septic tank distribution box is unable to keep the wastewater flowing in the right direction, it may be time to replace it.

For professional septic tank distribution box replacement in Renton, come to us. A septic tank distribution box may also need to be replaced when the drain field has failed. A drain field failure will cause the wastewater to flow unevenly.

Uneven wastewater distribution is a huge problem if the septic tank distribution box fails. When this occurs, the wastewater will get into places where it is not supposed to be, resulting in:

  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Health hazards
  • Major inconvenience

Renton Drain Field Distribution Box


If you are relying on a septic system to eliminate wastes from your property, it is important to keep it in an optimal working condition. Are you experiencing septic tank distribution box problems? We specialize in drain field distribution box repairs.

We can help you resolve any problems you may be experiencing with your drain field distribution box in Renton. Truth be told, any drain field distribution box repair takes time and money.

We have the experience and equipment to make drain field distribution box repairs fast, easy and more importantly, affordable. Below are a few other benefits of choosing us for drain field distribution box repairs:

  • Licensed onsite septic system inspectors
  • Least disruption to your property
  • Complete satisfaction with the results

If you have any questions regarding our drain field distribution box repairs and replacements in Renton, please do not hesitate to call the experts at Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 777-1750 today.