Redmond Septic Distribution Box


Properties that are not connected to the city sewers have to have septic systems installed for wastewater management. The septic system is comprised of three key components and these are the:

  • Septic tank
  • Drain field or leach field
  • Distribution box also called a d-box

Waste from drains and toilets goes into the septic tank, where the solid waste settles down and wastewater flows down to the septic tank distribution box. From the septic tank distribution box, the effluent is evenly scattered through a number of pipes into the drain field for absorption into the ground.

As is obvious, septic tank distribution box in a Redmond, WA property is critically important for its septic system to work efficiently. That is why it is essential to have the drain field distribution box installed, cleaned, serviced, repaired and replaced only by experienced professionals like Lee’s Sanitation Service.

Redmond Septic Tank Distribution Box


Replacement of septic tank distribution box on any Redmond property is unavoidable when the d-box wears out due to:

  • Natural aging with time
  • Lack of timely or proper septic system maintenance
  • Harsh weather conditions

Call us if you are having frequent septic tank distribution box problems in Redmond. It is likely that the septic tank distribution box needs to be replaced.

We send over knowledgeable technicians to assess the condition of your septic tank distribution box. Our experts replace the septic tank distribution box with a new one only if it is absolutely necessary.

Redmond Drain Field Distribution Box


Not all drain field distribution box problems call for a d-box replacement. Often, repairs can have the drain field distribution box back to operating as smoothly as before.

We offer comprehensive services to repair the drain field distribution box in the Redmond area. Some of the common situations where our d-box repair experts can help you are when the:

  • Septic tank distribution box is clogged
  • D-box lid collapses because of a vehicle going over it
  • Pipe leading to or from the d-box breaks or starts leaking
  • Rotating devices that control the effluent flow out fail

Count on us to make the required drain field distribution box repair in a non-invasive, seamless and economical way. Our experts know how to find the septic distribution box, identify the exact problems hampering its functioning and resolving it effectively.

Call (253) 777-1750 to learn more about the services offered by Lee’s Sanitation Service to ensure an efficient septic distribution box in Redmond properties that have a septic system.