Kent Septic Distribution Box


An efficient septic distribution box (d-box) is crucial for the entire septic system to work properly. It is an important part of the drain and leach field. The job of a septic tank distribution box installed on a Kent, WA property is to distribute the effluent or wastewater evenly throughout the drain field.

If the septic distribution box does not work right, drain field failure is bound to happen before long. This can leave the property owner dealing with an overflowing or clogged septic tank and backing up drains or toilets.

At Lee’s Sanitation Service, we offer comprehensive services for ensuring seamless functioning of the septic distribution box in Kent properties. Our skilled technicians can be called in for:

  • Installation of septic tank distribution box
  • Septic distribution box maintenance
  • Drain field distribution box repair or replacement

Kent Septic Tank Distribution Box


Typically, a septic tank distribution box is made of either concrete or plastic. The shape and size of drain field distribution box can differ from one septic system to another.

With time and usage, the septic tank distribution box on your Kent property tends to deteriorate. The wearing of the plastic or concrete septic distribution box can also happen prematurely due to extreme weather conditions or poor upkeep of the septic system.

Give us a call if your septic tank distribution box seems to have outlasted its useful life and needs to be replaced. We realize that you depend on a high-performing and durable drain field distribution box for a hassle-free daily life.

So, we make sure that your d-box replacement job is done:

  • By well-trained, seasoned technicians
  • Using a top-grade product
  • With attention to detail

Kent Drain Field Distribution Box


Is your drain field distribution box clogged? Does the drain field distribution box in your Kent property seem to work sluggishly? Lose no time in bringing in out experts to repair the d-box.

We specialize in fixing all kinds of big and small drain field distribution box problems. Our technicians know how to find the drain field distribution box with minimal property damage. They also have the skills and cutting-edge tools to repair the drain field box:

  • In the shortest time possible
  • Accurately
  • To be effective in the long run

Want to know more about the importance of drain field distribution box? Need to schedule a job for installation, maintenance or repair of septic distribution box in your Kent property? Call Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 777-1750.

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