Issaquah Septic Distribution Box


The smooth functioning of the drain field distribution box (d-box) is critical for efficient operation of any septic system. A snag in the workings of the septic distribution box can cause failure of the leach field by flooding one section of it.

Septic distribution box malfunctioning in an Issaquah, WA property can also sometimes result in the clogging to the intake of wastewater in the septic tank, which then leads to toilets and drains backing up in the home or building.

Obviously, the septic tank distribution box is one of the key components of the waste management system. As such, it is important that drain field distribution box always is in top condition. Property owners can ensure this by taking care that the:

  • D-box is made of quality material and of the right size
  • Septic distribution box repair or replacement is done quickly
  • Distribution box is maintained on a regular basis
  • All work done on d-box is handled by trained professionals

This is where Lee’s Sanitation Service comes in!

Issaquah Septic Tank Distribution Box


We specialize in the installation, repair, and replacement of any septic tank distribution box in Issaquah properties. Serving the community’s sanitation industry since 1950, our company knows everything about d-boxes, including how to install a septic distribution box, how to fix septic tank distribution box problems and when and how to carry out a drain field distribution box replacement.

Over time, every plastic or concrete septic distribution box erodes. It has to be replaced to restore the normal functioning of the septic system. The process of drain field distribution box replacement in any Issaquah property difficult. It includes:

  • Finding the drain field distribution box
  • Excavating and removing the d-box
  • Leveling and preparing the ground
  • Installing the new septic tank distribution box

Let our skilled and experienced technicians do this work for you.

Issaquah Drain Field Distribution Box


For septic tank distribution box problems that can be remedied, we offer the services of our d-box repair specialists. Our pros can repair any major or minor issue with the drain field distribution box in Issaquah properties. The common problems resolved by us include:

  • Damaged box or box lid
  • Box movement or shifting
  • Clogged or broken pipes

Our experts know how to find septic distribution box quickly so they can repair it and get it up and running again.

If you want to discuss anything about the septic distribution box on your Issaquah property, call Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 777-1750.

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