Eatonville Septic Distribution Box


The septic tank, distribution box and leach field must work efficiently in tandem to ensure proper waste disposal on a property that is not on city sewers and depends on a septic system.

At Lee’s Sanitation Service, we offer professional services for installation, repair and replacement of septic distribution boxes on Eatonville, WA properties to keep their septic system working efficiently.

We understand that a high-performing septic tank distribution box is important in preventing leach field failure, overflowing septic tank and sewage backups onto the property. That is why we attend to all our jobs for septic distribution box in Eatonville properties:

  • Without delay
  • Diligently, without cutting corners
  • With commitment to quality
  • By ensuring customer convenience and satisfaction

Call us to know more about septic distribution box and schedule drain field distribution box installation, replacement or repair services.

Eatonville Septic Tank Distribution Box


Septic tank distribution box replacement is not something that you can put off for long. An aging, failing drain field distribution box can be a big liability and its malfunctioning can disrupt your home or business in a big way.

Waste no time in calling us if you are facing frequent septic tank distribution box problems on your Eatonville property and want to get the worn-out box replaced. We dispatch well-trained and experienced technicians to attend to your needs. Our experts:

  • Inspect the D-box to confirm that it has to be replaced
  • Remove the old drain field distribution box carefully
  • Prepare the ground before putting in the new box
  • Install the new septic distribution box
  • Clean up the job site before leaving

Eatonville Drain Field Distribution Box


We deliver equally professional services for drain field distribution box repair in the Eatonville area. Our company has been in business since 1950 and there is hardly any septic distribution box repair job that is beyond our capabilities. We can:

  • Work on septic tank distribution boxes of any size
  • Repair a plastic as well as concrete septic distribution box
  • Fix any drain field distribution box issue, big or small

Whether you have a clogged septic tank distribution box, leaking pipes or a broken lid, call us. We assure you of cost-effective drain field distribution box repairs that stand the test of time.

Let Lee’s Sanitation Service help you maintain an efficient septic tank distribution box in your Eatonville property. Reach us at (253) 777-1750.