Algona Septic Distribution Box


When you have a septic system, you should make sure that the septic distribution box is in good condition.

Your septic system is comprised of a distribution box (D-box), septic tank and drain field. The septic distribution box has the crucial role of moving wastewater, flowing out of the septic tank, and distributing it across the drain field.

If the septic distribution box in your Algona, WA property is not working properly, you will soon be dealing with the mess and hassle created by:

  • A flooded drain field
  • An overflowing septic tank
  • Backed up drains and toilets

Lee’s Sanitation Service can help your property by installing an efficient septic tank distribution box. We can guide you in picking out a drain field distribution box of the right size and quality for your new septic system. We can also take care of installation, repair and replacement of your septic distribution box in Algona.


Algona Septic Tank Distribution Box


While a drain field distribution box is built to last a long time, it does deteriorate with age. Get in touch with us if you are tired of frequent septic tank distribution box problems holding up your home or business.

We send highly knowledgeable and experienced technicians to assess the condition of the Algona septic tank distribution box on your property. We watch out for your best interests, so our professionals recommend replacing your plastic or concrete septic distribution box only when it is absolutely necessary.

You can also trust our technicians to replace the septic tank distribution box:

  • After proper ground preparation
  • Diligently and flawlessly
  • With a top-grade product
  • In quick time

Algona Drain Field Distribution Box


Septic tank distribution box problems do not always call for replacing the box. Many of these can be resolved through repairs.

However, you must not settle for anything other than the finest services available for drain field distribution box repair in the Algona area. Only then can you be sure of lasting repair solutions that restore the original efficiency and reliability of your septic distribution box.

Let us fix your drain field distribution box. No matter how big or small the drain field distribution box repair job, we get it done:

  • Accurately
  • With minimal property damage
  • In a smooth, hassle-free manner
  • At an affordable price

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 777-1750 for services related to the septic tank distribution box on your Algona property.

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