Tukwila Septic Cleaning


If you want to get septic cleaning done in your Tukwila, WA property, then we at Lee’s Sanitation Service are here to help. You can hire our septic cleaners near you for every type of sewage-related issue. Our septic tank cleaner will also help conduct a thorough inspection of your sewage system and identify if there are any minor or major damages.

It is recommended that you get your septic tanks cleaned after every few years, mainly because the solid waste sitting at the bottom of the tank can clog your sewage pipes. Therefore, hiring professional septic cleaners like us is a good idea. Frequent septic cleaning for your Tukwila property is a good idea in order to avoid:

  • Waste backing up
  • Damaging the septic tank
  • Bad smells in the house

If you are still not sure about hiring our septic tank cleaner, then get in touch with us to learn why regular cleaning is so important.

Tukwila Septic Cleaners


We have a team of septic cleaners who are certified to work on such projects. The septic cleaning team will also make sure that the tank is pumped without the waste getting leaked into the ground. Therefore, if you want your cleaning job to be completed seamlessly, then hire our septic tank cleaner today.

We know and trust every septic tank cleaner we send to your property, so that you do not have to worry about a stranger in your home. This will also add to your confidence of having us do your septic cleaning. What makes our septic cleaners in Tukwila different from other contractors?

  • Their skills
  • Detail orientedness
  • Extensive experience

For free service estimates and hiring our septic cleaners, give us a call today.

Tukwila Septic Tank Cleaner


The entire aim of our company is to provide clients a hassle-free septic cleaning service. For this not only do we have among the best septic cleaners in town but also offer a number of services. Whether there is a minor issue with your sewage tank or a major one, you can count on our septic tank cleaner to provide you lasting solutions.

From repair and maintenance to the installation of a new septic system, our team can handle it all. So if you need septic cleaning for your property, then reach out to us right away. Examples of services for which you can hire our septic tank cleaner near Tukwila include:

  • Side septic tank installation
  • Drain field repair
  • Septic tank removal

You can hire our professional septic cleaners in Tukwila by calling Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 245-1080.