Spanaway Septic Cleaning


Septic tanks can fill up quite quickly with wastewater and material. Therefore, getting frequent septic cleaning for your Spanaway, WA property is a must. If you need professional septic cleaners, then get in touch with us at Lee’s Sanitation Service. Our septic tank cleaner will make sure that all the scum and waste is removed from your tank entirely.

If your septic tank is not cleaned properly, then it can block the entire drainage system. This might also result in wastewater backing up and giving rise to harmful bacteria. So hire our septic cleaners near you today. Why you need regular septic cleaning for your Spanaway property?

  • So the tank doesn’t overflow
  • To prevent foul smells
  • So wastewater does not leak into the ground

You can also call our septic tank cleaner to know about our service fees.

Spanaway Septic Cleaners


Septic cleaning requires precision which is why you should only trust professional service providers like us. Our septic cleaners have worked on numerous projects, which is why they will be able to successfully complete your job every time. Moreover, the septic tank cleaner that we send for your requirement will also finish the job on time.

We know that waiting hours on end for your septic cleaning job to get done can be very tiring. It can also take precious time away from your life. Therefore, we send a septic tank cleaner who can quickly take care of your project. All of our septic cleaners in Spanaway have the following qualities.

  • Years of experience
  • Proper training
  • Required skills

We also make sure that our contractors have a verified background, so you have a good experience while hiring our team.

Spanaway Septic Tank Cleaner


Our company has been offering septic cleaning services for many years. Along with this, you can hire our septic cleaners for a number of other projects as well. Overall, whatever requirement you might have regarding your sewage system, you can always count on our septic tank cleaner.

When you schedule a visit of our septic cleaners, we send them equipped with all the required tools, machines, and a waste storage truck. This way our septic cleaning team is able to pump the waste out and dispose it off carefully. Here are some of the other services that our septic tank cleaner near Spanaway offers.

  • Drain cleaning
  • Septic tank repair
  • Sewer pump installation

To hire us for septic cleaning in Spanaway, you can call Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 777-1750.

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