Renton Septic Cleaning


Sewage backup into the building is a terrible sight that no property owner wants to witness. However, people cannot avoid encountering it if they are careless and don’t gett regular septic cleaning done in their Renton, WA property. At Lee’s Sanitation Service, we offer the services of trained and experienced septic cleaners to help residents of this community keep drain or toilet backups away.

You would do well to call us right on schedule for septic cleaning in your residential or commercial property. The recommended interval for calling in a septic tank cleaner in an average property is every 3 to 5 years. For your property, the right duration between successive septic cleaning jobs would depend upon:

  • Size of the septic tank
  • Number of people on the property
  • Your water usage habits

We can also come for septic cleaning in your Renton property inbetween before the next tank pumping is due. Call our septic tank cleaner before a party to eliminate chances of sewage backups.

Renton Septic Cleaners


On-site septic systems are important and expensive investments for comfortable daily living. The services of skilled and diligent septic cleaners go a long way in protecting this investment. You cannot afford to settle for anything less than the best septic tank cleaning services that you can get.

Get in touch with us when it is time to call in septic cleaners to your Renton property. Count on us to serve you with seasoned septic cleaning experts who:

  • Do the work thoroughly, without cutting corners
  • Work as diligently as they would on their own property
  • Have access to advanced equipment for the job

You will never regret choosing our septic cleaners ahead of the other septic tank service providers catering to the community.

Renton Septic Tank Cleaner


The best thing about hiring us for septic cleaning is that we are as dedicated to providing gracious customer service as to doing impeccable work. After bringing in our septic tank cleaner to your Renton property, you can expect:

  • Thoroughly cleaned-out septic tank
  • Detection of septic tank problems, if any
  • No undue burden on your budget
  • A stress-free experience

We are your best bet for top-quality services of a septic tank cleaner at a fair and affordable price. When you want your property and its all-important septic system to be in safe hands, hire our septic tank cleaner.

Rely on Lee’s Sanitation Service for all your needs for septic cleaners in the Renton area. Call (253) 245-1080.

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