Parkland Septic Cleaning


Do you have a septic system in your residential or commercial property and are facing sanitary problems? Are clogged

up drains disturbing your mental or physical peace? Or are you just concerned about the smooth working of your septic tank? Then you might be in need of a septic tank cleaner. We at Lee’s Sanitation service are septic cleaning experts serving in the Parkland, WA area with proven expertise in treating various septic systems.

Proper maintenance of septic tanks is as vital as any other household or facility maintenance and can eliminate major hazards. Septic cleaning is a necessary step towards tackling expensive plumbing and sanitary failures. To relieve you of any undue concerns, our septic cleaning company for Parkland customers offers:

  • Sanitary inspection service
  • Septic tank pumping service
  • Drain cleaning service

Our team of professional septic cleaners is always ready to assist you with your various sanitary needs.

Parkland Septic Cleaners


If your septic tank is full or damaged, you can face severe issues in an around your property. You can experience foul smells coming from improperly disposed waste. You can even notice an unpleasant spillage of effluent in your backyard or lawn. To avoid such distasteful situations, septic cleaning becomes mandatory.

Our septic cleaners working in the Parkland area ensure that your septic tank is scrupulously cleaned, saving you from harmful health risks. We believe a faulty septic tank is a bane of the property as well as of the community as a whole. Our septic cleaners take note of this and provide quick septic cleaning services to ward off any threat to society or the environment.

Every septic tank cleaner we employ works hard to protect you from perils such as:

  • Expensive septic repair
  • Chronic ailments
  • A decline in property value

We are licensed onsite septic cleaners with years of relevant experience.

Parkland Septic Tank Cleaner


Dirty effluents released from your property can pollute rivers and groundwater bodies rendering them unusable. Every septic tank cleaner working with us is well acquainted with the complex functioning of septic tanks. This helps them to impeccably clean a septic tank, safeguarding the surroundings from harmful contaminants.

Every septic tank cleaner serving in the Parkland area for our company is well trained and qualified. This has helped us to form a crew of dynamic septic cleaners that assure you of:

  • Quick cleaning
  • Professional work
  • Best customer service

Call us, Lee’s Sanitation Service, at (253) 777 1750, and we will schedule a septic tank cleaner for a visit to your Parkland property.

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