Issaquah Septic Cleaning


Keeping the septic tank clean is essential to maintaining clean and hygienic conditions at home. If you have recently noticed sluggish drains and flushing, they indicate that it is time to get the tanks cleaned. Call a professional septic tank cleaner to get the required septic tank cleaning and pumping.

Give a call to professionals at Lee’s Sanitation for high-quality septic cleaning in the Issaquah, WA area. We have trained and skilled septic cleaners that know all about septic cleaning.

You can rely on our septic cleaners to deal with the following issues persistent with septic tanks:

  • Clogs
  • Tree roots
  • Tank or line leaks
  • Septic tank overflow

Well equipped with the latest and the most advanced equipment, our septic tank cleaner thoroughly pumps and cleans the tank, removing all sludge and grime. Any minor repairs that need to be done to ensure the integrity of the tank are also done.

Issaquah Septic Cleaners


To ensure the proper working of your septic system, you must be in touch with experienced septic cleaners that can be contacted easily when you have an emergency. Professional septic cleaners are well experienced to handle any issues that might arise during septic cleaning.

Let us be your septic cleaners in the Issaquah area as we have successfully cleaned and pumped the septic tanks of several homeowners in the past. We have built our reputation of being one of the leading septic cleaners in Issaquah because of our:

  • Dedication
  • Professionalism
  • Pricing
  • Quality

Schedule a septic cleaning when you notice the first signs of its failing or if it has been too long since the tanks were cleaned. We will send in our cleaners and the fully equipped trucks.

Issaquah Septic Tank Cleaner


Having the help of a qualified septic tank cleaner assures you of qualified services and reasonable pricing. You must research and review the available options before committing to any particular septic tank cleaner.

Count on us when you require septic tank cleaner around Issaquah. Having the equipment and the expertise, we will handle the job of septic cleaning efficiently. Our septic tank cleaner will follow the given steps when called for cleaning:

  • Inspect the system for any leaks
  • Measure the scum and sludge layers
  • Clean the pump as required

You can trust our septic cleaners to work on your property as they are part of the team of a licensed, bonded, and insured company. Give a call to Lee’s Sanitation at (253) 245-1080 for effective septic cleaning in or around Issaquah.

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