Enumclaw Septic Cleaning


Just like the garbage bin has to be emptied when it fills up, the septic tank installed on your property needs to be rid of the accumulated waste now and again to allow its continued use. This is what Lee’s Sanitation Service has been doing for a very long time.

We offer septic cleaning services in Enumclaw, WA, and the surrounding areas to keep septic systems running smoothly. Our septic cleaners have been serving the community since 1950 and are known for doing a thorough job.

Make us your first call for septic cleaning services in Enumclaw. With us, you get septic cleaners who know the job well and are determined to do it the best they can. With our vast experience, we know what goes into prolonging the life of a septic system. Believe us when we say:

  • Regular septic cleaning should not be neglected
  • Septic tank cleaning is not a DIY task
  • You should make a judicious choice of septic tank cleaner

Enumclaw Septic Cleaners


A few important things to do if you want your septic system to work efficiently and last long include watching what goes down your drains, knowing how frequently your system needs to be cleaned, and remembering to get septic cleaning done regularly by trained professionals.

Make sure that too much food grease, toilet paper, feminine products and foreign objects like bath toys do not go into the sewer as this creates problems within the septic system. The time intervals for calling septic cleaners to your Enumclaw property depends on:

  • Size of property and septic tank
  • Average water consumption in the place
  • Number of people using the plumbing system

Generally speaking, a visit by septic cleaners every three years is considered normal. Call our septic tank cleaner to schedule regular maintenance to prevent sudden disruption in your home or business.

Enumclaw Septic Tank Cleaner


With quite a few septic cleaning companies serving this region, we realize that we have to offer something extra to become the septic tank cleaner you prefer.

We can carry out fast and efficient septic tank cleaning for even the most significant, most heavily used systems. More importantly, is that the services of our septic tank cleaner around Enumclaw combine excellent workmanship and gracious customer service.

Call us for a septic tank cleaner that is:

  • Trained and experienced
  • Diligent and responsible
  • Polite and friendly

Contact Lee’s Sanitation when it is time to hire septic cleaners in and around Enumclaw. Call (253) 245-1080.

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