Septic System Repairs

If you are relying on a septic system to effectively remove your solid and liquid wastes, you must keep it in good working order. A broken septic system – whether due to deteriorated or damaged baffles in the septic tank, crushed pipe or flooded drain field – can create unhealthy conditions, with sewage backing up into buildings or spilling onto the surface of a drain field.

Lee’s Sanitation Services specializes in septic system repairs.

Septic Tank Repairs

Septic tanks are fairly simple units. They each have one inlet to receive waste and water, and one outlet to dispense clear water onto a drain field. At each of the inlet and outlet, a baffle is installed inside the tank to allow water to flow in the appropriate direction. For example, at the inlet, the baffle allows waste to come in, then directs it downward and away from the outlet. When a baffle becomes stuck or rusted, the tank cannot function correctly.

At Lee’s Sanitation, we repair septic tanks, including faulty baffles, regularly. When a baffle cannot be released or repaired, we install a new unit to replace the function of the faulty one, so the tank can flow properly again.  We recommend an outlet filter and riser.

Pipe Repairs

Pipes feed waste in and out of a septic tank, and then out to a drain field. However, when a pipe becomes damaged, whether crushed, cracked or rusted, it must be repaired in order to regain the integrity of the system.

At Lee’s Sanitation, we can quickly dig down to the pipe, make the needed repair or replacement and ensure the system is functioning properly.

Drain Field Repairs

It’s usually pretty easy to tell when a drain field is not working properly. Water will pool above the ground rather than draining easily into the earth. Sewage may be present. It may smell. In addition, water and waste may not flow down the interior drains like normal.

Drain field malfunction can be caused by roots, damaged pipes, heavy rainfall or any number of other causes.

Our team of highly trained sanitation experts will assess the situation, identify the cause and make the repairs needed to repair the drain field. If the field cannot be repaired, we will make recommendations about your options.

Need repairs to your septic system? Give us a call today so we can help.

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