Repair Sewage Pumps

Repair Sewage Pumps

If the pump in your pressure septic system isn’t working properly, sewage could back up into your toilets, yard, bathtub or basement. Not only is a sewage backup messy, but it creates hazardous health conditions and can damage property.

Lee’s Sanitation Services specializes in the repair of sewage pumps.

The pump in a pressure septic system is used to send “doses” of waste through the system several times a day. This dosing approach allows the system to absorb the effluent in smaller, regular increments. This allows the drain field to keep up with demand, while remaining moist and optimizing its absorbency. A broken pump, however, can flood the house. This can also cause sewage backups throughout your property.

If you have a problem with your septic system pump, give us a call right away. We will come out and inspect the system, then give you a recommendation for the best and most efficient course of action.

A septic pump problem is not a problem you want to have. We can help you fix it quickly so you can have peace of mind that your septic system is flowing just the way it should be.

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