Drain Fields

Drain Fields Kent

Drain-Fields-Kent-WAIf you are not on city sewer service, the water that goes down your drains needs to go somewhere. Initially, the water will go into your septic tank. However, with toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, sinks and tubs all depositing water into your septic tank every day, the septic tank will fill up quickly.

To keep your septic tank from overflowing or backing up into the house, a septic system is designed to hold solid wastes in the septic tank, but to let waste water flow out of the tank into a drain field. The drain field then filters the water and allows bacteria to naturally break down any remaining solids, pathogenic organisms and viruses in the water so that by the time the water drains through the layers of earth in the field, it is clean and safe for the environment.

Drain Field Installation Kent

Lee’s Sanitation Service specializes in installing drain fields for all types of properties and soil types, including:

  • Gravity drain fields
  • Pressure drain fields
  • Infiltrators
  • Mound systems

Kent Drain Field Repair

Drain fields are underground, but they can still be damaged. Drain field damage can occur if:

  • Solid waste enters and clogs the pipes to the drain field, either because an outlet baffle has broken or because the septic tank has not been pumped often enough.
  • The household uses a garbage disposal to grind solids such as eggshells, which do not break down and can get into the drain field and cause failure.
  • A car or vehicle is driven over the drain field; the soil can become compacted so it no longer absorbs liquid from the drain field.

Lee’s Sanitation Service specializes in the installation and repair of all kinds of drain fields. Call us today to discuss how we can help you with your drain field.