Spanaway Drain Field


Drain fields are crucial parts of any septic system, as they dispose of wastewater and help the environment by preventing toxic runoff. Drain fields take toxic wastewater and push it down into the ground rather than allowing it up on to the topsoil. When looking for drain field repairs, replacements, or installations in Spanaway, WA, Lee’s Sanitation Services is the company to call. We are known for providing the best drain field services in the region, and we specialize in septic drain field repair and new drain field installation.

Reasons to use Lee’s Sanitation Service in Spanaway for your new drain field installation include:

  • Affordable and reliable service
  • Certified and educated technicians
  • Reliable products and perfect installation and repair

Having a drain field malfunction or a septic tank back up is nobody’s idea of fun. However, Lee’s Sanitation Service in Spanaway understands that these things happen. Let us clean up the mess.

Spanaway Septic Drain Field Repair


The biggest clue that your septic tank needs replaced is the dreaded Òtank overflow.Ó Your backyard, front yard, or even sometimes your basement will become filled with wastewater and sewage from your drains and toilets. This not only causes major damage to your property, but will ruin your septic tank and drain field as well. If you live in Spanaway and are experiencing a similar problem, call Lee’s Sanitation Service to get service as fast as possible. After such an event, a new drain field will be installed, and your old septic system will be replaced with a newer, better one. Let our repair and installation services in Spanaway take care of your problems, using our expertise and experience. Even if you need only a small repair on your septic system, Lee’s Sanitation Service is the company for you.

If you’re wondering what can cause your septic system or drain field to malfunction, there are a few common causes, like:

  • Driving over drain fields with heavy vehicles
  • Clogged pipes from toilet paper/foreign objects/etc.
  • Damaged pipes from tree roots, freezing, or improper digging

When you have a mess on your hands, leave it to the professionals. Call Lee’s Sanitation Service to get it cleaned up the right way.

Spanaway Drain Field Installation


Drain fields are incredibly important, especially in areas where sewers are not well designed or experience heavy usage. A new drain field needs to be installed if you experience backup or wastewater on the surface level. We at Lee’s Sanitation Service give solutions to our Spanaway clients who experience septic troubles. Leave all of your drain field installation and repair needs to us. Not only does our quality of service assure a better outcome, but we provide very affordable rates as well.

When you call Lee’s Sanitation Service in Spanaway, you will get:

  • A team of highly trained experts
  • High quality materials and superior installation
  • Stress-free services

We at Lee Sanitation Service offer solutions and septic drain field repair services for the Spanaway area. To know more and request our services, call us at (253) 777-1750. We can fix your drain field problems as quickly as possible.

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