Snoqualmie Drain Field


For the septic systems in Snoqualmie, WA properties to function efficiently, it is very important that their drain fields are in excellent condition. Drain/leach fields are the areas that are installed to receive wastewater from the septic tanks.

The leach fields filter the wastewater and break down the pathogens in it. Thus, drain fields ensure that the water that finally seeps into the ground is clean and does not present any environmental hazard.

Here, at Lee’s Sanitation Service, we help keep the septic systems in homes and businesses working optimally by providing expert services for drain field installation and septic drain field repair in Snoqualmie.

Our company is a leading sanitation service provider that has been serving the community since 1950. With our exceptional skills honed over extensive experience, we ensure that all our septic drain field repair jobs in Snoqualmie are completed:

  • Fast
  • Seamlessly, with enduring solutions
  • In a stress-free, professional way

Snoqualmie Septic Drain Field Repair


Septic drain field repair is not something Snoqualmie property owners can put off until later. It is advisable to get the repairs done at the first signs of a problem. Some tell-tale symptoms indicative of leach field failure and need for septic drain field repair in any Snoqualmie property include:

  • Septic odors
  • Toilet backup
  • Slow drains
  • Gurgling drains
  • Greener grass patches near the septic tank
  • Effluent breakout in the yard

Call us to schedule septic drain field repair in your Snoqualmie home or business place the instant you observe rising water level in the septic tank and suspect poor leach field absorption. We respond with due urgency and dispatch our experts without any delay.

Snoqualmie Drain Field Installation


Proper drain field installation in any Snoqualmie property helps optimize the working of its septic system. It also spares the property owner frequent hassles from an inefficient or failed leach field.

Choose us for drain field installation in Snoqualmie and give your septic system adequate support of a high-absorbing leach field. As a seasoned septic system expert, we assure you of getting the installation job done to perfection. We make sure that drain field installation in your Snoqualmie home or business place is done:

  • By trained technicians
  • With sharp attention to detail
  • Using top grade piping and other materials

Leave your drain field installation or repair needs in Snoqualmie to Lee’s Sanitation Service. Call (253) 245-1080 to schedule the job.

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