Sammamish Drain Field

Drain-Field-Sammamish-WA Septic drain fields, or leach fields form the backbone of septic systems. These are the areas into which wastewater from the septic tank flows out, while solid waste remains within the tank. Viruses and pathogenic organisms in the wastewater are broken down in the leach field so that only clean, hazard-free water ultimately drains into the ground. Efficient drainfields are very important to make sure that the septic tanks installed on Sammamish, WA properties work effectively and:
  • Do not fill up too quickly
  • Are prevented from overflowing
  • Do not start sending sewage back up into the property
Occasionally, there can be leach field failure that hampers the functioning of septic systems. Septic drain field repair in such Sammamish properties is necessary to set the system right again. Since 1950, Lee’s Sanitation Service has been meeting the septic drain field repair needs of Sammamish residents to help them keep their septic systems working optimally.

Sammamish Septic Drain Field Repair

Septic-Drain-Field-Repair-Sammamish-WA Septic drain field repair in any Sammamish property may be required for a number of reasons, including:
  • Water-saturated drain field area
  • Clogged drain pipes
  • Damaged septic tank
  • Tipped septic effluent D-Box
We have the knowledge, skills, experience and resources of fix them all. After receiving your call, our septic drain field repair specialists reach your Sammamish job-site quickly. They inspect the septic system meticulously to detect the exact cause of leach field failure. The damaged pipes, distribution box, or tank are repaired diligently to get the leach field back in order. In case septic drain field repair in your Sammamish property is required due to an over-saturated field, our experts can install alternate septic fields or direct water from other sources far from the existing leach field.

Sammamish Drain Field Installation

Drain-Field-Installation-Sammamish-WA Our expertise also extends to new drain field installation. We can carry out drain field installation in Sammamish for new constructions or do it for replacing badly damaged drain fields in existing properties. We cater to both residential and commercial needs for drain field installation in Sammamish. Our services can be hired for installing:
  • Mound systems
  • Infiltrators
  • Pressure drain fields
  • Gravity drain fields
Regardless of the type, scope and complexity of the drain field installation job, Sammamish residents who choose to work with us can rest assured of receiving timely, error-free, professional and affordable services. Rely on Lee’s Sanitation Service for drain field installation and repair in Sammamish. Call (253) 245-1080.
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