Spanaway Drain Field Repair


Septic drain field repair in your Spanaway, WA home becomes imminent if you notice blocked and slow moving drains or lush green grass in the lawn. Professionally conducted repairs stay for a long time and therefore, you must call in experienced and established septic repair plumbers in Spanaway to deal with the issue.

Get in touch with Lee’s Sanitation Service for efficient septic drain field repair in Spanaway. Serving the Spanaway community since 1950, we are one of the most established and experienced companies in the area. We provide clogged drain field repair services for the following types of systems:

  • Gravity systems
  • Pressure systems
  • Dry well systems
  • Mound type systems
  • Chamber systems

We efficiently offer repair and maintenance services knowing that most cases of clogging are due to broken or damaged pipes.

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Spanaway Septic Drain Field Repair


As an established company, we have been offering septic drain field repair services in Spanaway for a while now. We have seen that this is not an easy task as there is the need to fully understand the entire system and the possible cause and location of the problem.

Rely on us for providing the most proficient services for septic drain field repair in Spanaway. Being well equipped and having a dedicated team for the purpose, we are able to clean the leach lines and drainfields effectively. As part of the septic leach field repair services in Spanaway, we offer inspection and repair of the following:

  • Field drainage system
  • Leach line pipe
  • Septic leaching chamber
  • Septic drain lines

Once our work is complete, you will experience a properly working septic system in Spanaway.

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service for septic drain field repair in Spanaway!

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Spanaway Drain Field


Efficiently installed and running drain field in Spanaway does not require any repair for a long time. However, incidents like vehicles passing over drain pipes or the soil shifting causes the pipes to break and lead to septic system failure.

Count on us when you require any services related to drain field in Spanaway. Call us when you require any services related to drain field in Spanaway including:

  • Leach field treatment
  • Leach field installation
  • Leach field maintenance
  • Leach field replacement

Find us as the company for drain field repair near me in Spanaway.

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service for drain field in Spanaway!

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