Graham Drain Field Repair


Carrying out drain field repair in any Graham, WA property is not an easy job. The fact that the entire system is installed under the ground and has its components out of sight is just one of the difficulties involved in drain field repair in Graham properties.

Before you start despairing, know that Lee’s Sanitation Service is here to fix all big and small issues that you might have with the leach field installed in your Graham home or business place.

Our company has been servicing the regional septic and sanitation industry since 1950. We have extensive knowledge and vast experience for taking proper care of all your needs for drain field repair in Graham. The expertise of our technicians includes making:

  • Distribution box repair
  • Leach lines repair
  • Septic filters repair
  • Drainfield replacement

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Graham Septic Drain Field Repair


We send over highly trained crew to carry out septic drain field repair in your Graham property. Our technicians come to your job with a sincere commitment to providing diligent, accurate, cost-effective and lasting septic drain field repair solutions to get your Graham home or commercial septic system up and running again.

You can rest assured of a quick and seamless job when you turn to us for septic drain field repair in the Graham area. We do not cut corners or resort to guesswork and take a detail-oriented approach to your septic drain field repair job in Graham.

Think no more and give us a call now to schedule our services for:

  • Clogged drain field repair
  • Oversaturated drainfield repair
  • Failing septic leach field repair
  • Frozen leach field repair

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service for septic drain field repair in Graham!

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Graham Drain Field


Rely only on proven pros like us for all the work on drain field in your Graham property. We do it all from leach field design to its installation to its maintenance to its repair to its restoration or replacement.

Hiring our accomplished, seasoned technicians is the best way to minimize your future drain field problems in Graham. Working with us is, of course, is also an assurance of professional and seamless solution to whatever drain field malfunction you do encounter in Graham.

We can fix leach field failure caused in Graham properties by any reason, including:

  • Tree roots
  • Aging pipes
  • Excessive wastewater
  • Filter media issues

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service for fixing drain field issues in Graham!

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