Enumclaw Drain Field Repair


Get in touch with Lee’s Sanitation Service when you need septic drain field repair services in Enumclaw, WA.

The drain field (also called leach field) is a vital element of the septic system. It enables filtration of liquid waste from the septic tank into the surrounding soil with neutralization of dangerous pathogens present in the waste matter. This is the final step of the wastewater disposal process. Drain field failure makes the entire septic system go out of commission.

Septic leach field problems arise more often with age and do not get resolved on their own. Delay in addressing issues typically result in:

  • Messy sewage cleanups
  • Inconvenient, foul odors
  • Costly repairs

The best way to make your drain field and septic system last a long time with minimal disruption is to call us for septic drain field repair on your Enumclaw property at the earliest sign of trouble.

Enumclaw Septic Drain Field Repair


Recognizing the symptoms of a failing leach field can be the difference between minor affordable repairs and major overhaul or replacement. You would do well to contact an experienced septic service provider upon observing issues such as backed up drains, sudden lush green patches in the lawn, unexplained water pools in the yard, etc.

While these are indications of something wrong with the septic system, our technicians can make a more precise diagnosis of the underlying problem after a septic inspection. Some signs that would clearly point to the need for septic drain field repair on your Enumclaw property include:

  • Floating scum rising above septic tank baffles
  • Effluent discharge on the surface of the septic system
  • Rise of liquid effluent above distribution box outlet

Enumclaw Drain Field


Septic systems are designed to accept only certain general types of waste and to withstand a specific amount of steady water supply. Overloading your system by throwing foreign waste material like feminine products and excessive food grease down the drain or running water-heavy appliances simultaneously can damage the drain field.

Interference by roots of nearby trees and soil compaction due to parking of vehicles above the field are other causes of trouble.

No matter why you need septic drain field repair on your Enumclaw property, we get it done:

  • By a well-trained, seasoned crew
  • With diligence and precision
  • Using top-grade replacement parts
  • To stand the test of time

Are you wondering, “Which is the most reliable source for septic drain field repair in the Enumclaw area?” It is Lee’s Sanitation Service! Call (253) 245-1080 now to learn more.

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