Covington Drain Field Repair


Contact us at Lee’s Sanitation Service if you need septic drain field repair services near Covington, WA. If you are not connected to the main sewer service of your city, then it is important that you never avoid septic drain field repair requirements. Mainly because with a broken drain field, your Covington septic tank would start overflowing in no time with all the water that is deposited in it everyday.

Therefore, if you have been wondering “who offers one of the best septic drain field repair near me in Covington”, the answer is our company. We will make sure that the exact cause of your broken drain field is fixed permanently.

Our list of drain field repair services available near Covington includes:

  • Septic drain field repair
  • Septic leach field repair
  • Clogged drain field repair
  • Septic drain field pump repair

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service for drain field repair near Covington!

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Covington Septic Drain Field Repair


In case you need replacement of parts or for the entire drainage system, you can still hire our septic drain field repair team near Covington. They will visit the location as soon as possible and make sure that your drain field repair or replacement job is completed on time. You can even hire our team near Covington for emergency drain field repair.

Our crew members offering septic drain field repair near Covington are also certified licensed. So, you will not have to worry about them causing any more damage to your drain field.

We can help you with septic drain field repair near Covington for:

  • Septic drain field vent pipe
  • Septic drain field pipe
  • Septic lateral lines
  • Above ground septic drain field

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service for septic drain field repair near Covington!

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Covington Drain Field


Apart from repair, our company can offer other drain field services to customers near Covington. Even if you need a new drain field to be installed on your property, you can get in touch with our crew members. We also offer budget friendly rates to customers needing drain field services near Covington.

If you already have a drain field project in mind for your Covington property, get in touch with us today for free service estimates. Our septic drain field repair contractor will analyze the condition of your system and give you a personalized quotation right away.

Here are the other drain field services we offer to clients near Covington.

  • Jetting drain field lines
  • Septic drain field installation
  • Septic drain field inspection
  • Drain field cleanout

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service for drain field services near Covington!

(253) 245-1080

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