Ravensdale Drain Field


Drain failure can be severely hazardous for your property. Your home or business can suffer a lot of damage due to poor drain system maintenance. So, when you need experts for drain field services in Ravensdale, WA, then place a call to Lee’s Sanitations Service.

We are a reputable company committed to offering phenomenal services for the Ravensdale drain field. We are fully equipped with sophisticated tools and technologies to offer you error-free and cost-efficient services.

For cost-efficient and fast Ravensdale drain field services, get in touch with us and be worry-free. Utilizing modern machinery and an advanced approach, our technicians help you by providing impeccable services.

Reach out to our experts now for the Ravensdale drain field and further services like:

  • Drainage specialist
  • Landscape drainage contractor
  • Residential drainage contractor
  • Septic tank excavation

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service for Ravensdale drain field service!

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Ravensdale Septic Drain Field Repair


A drain is an essential element of every facility that needs to be well-maintained and taken care of exceptionally. When you find any flaw in the septic drain field, you need to only hire experts.

We are a well-known company providing excellent Ravensdale septic drain field repair services throughout the region. Our experienced technicians have years of experience and excellence in providing quality Ravensdale septic drain field repair services.

So, whenever you seek Ravensdale septic drain field repair experts, we can be your best option. Hire our trusted, dedicated professionals for Ravensdale septic drain field repair, then be worry-free about the ultimate work quality.

Get in touch with us now for when you are in need of the following:

  • Septic excavation
  • Professional drainage contractor
  • Digging septic tank
  • Septic tank excavation cost

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service for Ravensdale septic drain field repair!

(253) 777-1750

Ravensdale Drain Field Installation


Are you looking for professionals for Ravensdale drain field installation? If so, you have reached the right place. We are one of the most reliable companies offering error-free and effective Ravensdale drain field installation services.

You can be sure about Ravensdale drain field installation, repair and replacement by hiring us.

Instead of hiring inexperienced technicians, rely on our well-versed and professional crew, and be certain about the quality of the work that we do. Schedule an appointment now to hire our technicians for flawless Ravensdale drain field installation and further services like the following:

  • Underground drainage contractors
  • Drain cleaning experts
  • Blocked drain experts
  • Land drainage contractor

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service for Ravensdale drain field installation!

(253) 777-1750

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