Parkland Drain Field


Septic systems are essential for the properties or houses that are not connected with the sewer system of the city. Drain fields are important parts of a septic system because they allow the liquid waste to be perforated down to the soil where the waste is broken down and clean and safe water goes down as ground water.

However, you might need professional help whenever there is a problem with your septic system. We, at Lee’s Sanitation Service provide excellent septic drain field repair services for Parkland, WA septic systems.

It is very essential to get septic drain field repair service in Parkland because these drains help in the following ways:

  • Collect the liquid waste
  • Perforation helps in seepage of the liquid to the soil
  • Clean and safe water reaches the bottom levels of the ground

Whether you are looking for repair, or a new drain field installation in Parkland, call our experts today to get freedom from sewer problems.

Parkland Septic Drain Field Repair


There can be nothing more irritating than smelly odors or back flowing of the waste into the house. When you are experiencing such problems, it indicates that there is certainly some problem with your septic system. You might require septic drain field repair in Parkland in this case.

However, before we can provide any solutions for septic drain field repair in Parkland properties, we need to ascertain the problem, which could be due to any of these:

  • Flattening of the soil causing the drain pipes to be smashed or broken
  • Improper or inadequate pumping of the septic tanks
  • Broken outlet baffles causing overflowing of the pipes with solids

Once we assess the problem, we will be able to decide whether septic drain field repair in Parkland would suffice, or you need a new drain field installation.

Parkland Drain Field Installation


There might be several companies that offer new drain field installation in Parkland, but not all are adept at handling it properly. We have been providing high quality services for drain field installation to Parkland residents for a long time.

You may choose us for new drain field installation in Parkland for the following reasons:

  • Experience
  • Skilled and trained technicians
  • Affordable pricing

If you have been facing back flow of waste into the house and are searching for professional sanitation services from a company that caters to Parkland, call us at 253-839-3637.

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