Normandy Park Drain Field


Drain fields are crucial components of the septic system. They filter out the contaminants from the wastewater that flows from the septic tank and into the environment.

With septic drain field repair and maintenance you ensure that your Normandy Park, WA property and the surrounding land are protected from potentially hazardous waste particles.

Lee’s Sanitation Service offers drain field installation and repair services in the Normandy Park area. We offer repair and installation for:

  • Gravity drain fields
  • Mound systems
  • Infiltrators

Normandy Park Septic Drain Field Repair


Do you need septic drain field repair in your Normandy Park home or business? Some signs that indicate the need for a repair include:

  • Water backing up
  • Septic odors
  • Puddles in the backyard

If you notice any of these signs, you need to contact our professionals immediately. When we come to your Normandy Park property to perform a septic drain field repair, we will begin with a thorough assessment.

We will look for any clogs or faulty components in your septic system. After completing the assessment, we will let you know what is needed to perform a complete repair. Furthermore, we will have your system working efficiently once again.

Whether it is a simple clog removal or a more complex repair, we will be honest in letting you know the septic drain field repair needed in your Normandy Park home or business. Timely septic drain field repair in Normandy Park will provide you with an efficient and problem-free septic system.

Normandy Park Drain Field Installation


No matter the type of residential or commercial property, a proper drain field installation in Normandy Park is required to assist in the functioning of your septic system. A drain field installation in your Normandy Park property will help to:

  • Enhance on-site sewage system
  • Protect water quality
  • Save on maintenance costs

By utilizing the latest technologies and methods, we give our customers peace of mind knowing that their drain field installation in Normandy Park is completed with superior workmanship. No matter the soil type or situation, we will get the installation done right, the first time.

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 245-1080 to find out more about our drain field installation and repair services in the Normandy Park area. We look forward to speaking with you.

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