Lakewood Drain Field


Being the sanitation leader in the Lakewood, WA area, Lee’s Sanitation Service offers the best drain field services, including repair and installation. 

Being a modern day alternative to sewage problems, drain fields help prevent water waste by filtering wastewater that comes from our drains. Drain fields are also very efficient, and keep the toxins from toilets and sinks out of public water supply.

Lee’s Sanitation Service in Lakewood specializes in drain fields. We believe that every home would benefit from implementing one. Drain fields are ideal for the modern home because:

  • They conserve water (are eco-friendly)
  • Provide water and nutrients to your lawn
  • They are more efficient and require much less maintenance

Whether you have an older drain field that needs repaired, or a broken one due to overuse or damaged pipes, Lee’s Sanitation Service can help. If you’re new to Lakewood and are hoping to find a company to rely on for your sanitation needs, call us today.

Lakewood Septic Drain Field Repair


One of the most common problems seen with septic systems is overflowing tanks. They can cause damage to the drain fields or pipes in the system. When you need help with your septic system or drain field in Lakewood, call Lee’s Sanitation Service. Sometimes, the damage can be reversed with a simple repair. 

However, you may need to replace the entire drain field, or add one if one was not present before. We assure that our company provides the best drain field installation and septic drain field repair in Lakewood. Our highly skilled professionals will get the job done right. 

If you have a newly installed drain field thanks to Lee’s Sanitation Service, or want to prevent damage to your current system, here are a few tips:

  • Avoid flushing anything but toilet paper down the toilet
  • Do not place foreign objects down the drain
  • Try not to drive over your drain field with a vehicle

Lakewood residents know to trust our services because we have been in business for so long. Ask around, and then call us. Lee’s Sanitation Service is the best in the area, and we’ll show you why.

Lakewood Drain Field Installation


One of the major benefits of a septic drain field is its ability to act as an alternative to the classic sewage system. If you have a damaged drain field in Lakewood, our septic drain field repair and drain field installation services will get you back on track. 

Lee’s Sanitation Service has a team of highly motivated individuals, with expertise in drain field solutions. If your system needs a small repair, it will be taken care of promptly and affordably. Sometimes, systems may not even have a drain field, or the drain field may be entirely beyond repair. When this happens, our Lakewood customers benefit from our drain field installation expertise. 

For whatever reason you enlist Lee’s Sanitation Service, all of our customers enjoy:

  • Our extensive knowledge
  • Courteous and capable technicians
  • Fast, efficient work that doesn’t hurt your budget

Many Lakewood residents have experienced the stress associated with a septic system breakdown. To avoid this stress and get the job done quickly, call Lee’s Sanitation Service now.

Lee’s Sanitation Service in Lakewood specializes in drain field repair and installation. If you find yourself needing septic assistance, call us at (253) 777-1750 to get started as soon as possible.

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