Burien Drain Field

Leading Burien drain field experts since 1950!

Lee’s Sanitation Service is the leading provider of drain field Burien, WA services for septic drain field repair and new drain field installation. A drain field in Burien is a great alternative to the typical sewage system and also helps protect against water wastage as it filters out dirty water to provide cleaner water to the ground.

Septic drain field repair and drain field installation are our commonly scheduled services. A drain field helps provide water to the ground without the need for extra water.

Septic drain field repair and new drain field installation are often considered for the following reasons:

  • Prevents water wastage
  • Provides water supply to the ground
  • Alternative sewage system, only better

Burien Septic Drain Field Repair

Affordable Burien septic drain field repair by Lee's Sanitation Service since 1950!

Damage to the drain field can be caused very easily and very often since overflowing tanks lead to damage. But to prevent this damage, the drain field plays its part and supplies the excess water to the ground. In case there is damage, septic drain field repair is an affordable option, but if that fails, we offer new drain field installation for your home.

New drain field installation is usually advised if the septic drain field repair fails and the device is no longer working. So consult our team to decide about drain field installation or septic drain field repair and help save the environment. Common causes for damage include:

  • Vehicles driving over pipes
  • Clogged pipes cause damage
  • Clogging can cause system failure

Burien Drain Field Installation

Expert drain field installation in Burien, WA 98146.

A drain field is important to tackle the increasing problem of waste disposal, and drain field installation in Burien is advised over the typical sewage system.

Septic drain field repair is easy and affordable and helps you save time, trouble and money. Gnet our services for any new drain field installation in Burien and find out for yourself. We are the best in drain field installation because of the following:

  • Trained team personnel
  • Affordable and hassle free
  • High quality assured

We at Lee Sanitation Service offer solutions to septic drain field repair services for the Burien area and beyond. To know more and enjoy our services, call us at (253) 777-1750 and get your drain field problems fixed or get new drain field installation.

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