Bonney Lake Drain Field


Drain fields in Bonney Lake, WA are an important part of the drainage installation of any household system. We at Lee Sanitation Service provide you with the best solutions for all your drain field Bonney Lake needs including septic drain field repair and new drain field installation for you homes.

With the amount of water waste that exits at home, there is a need to prevent the overflowing of the septic tank to prevent the need for septic drain field repair.

Hence there is need for drain field installation so that the wastewater flows into the drain field and after filtration can be sent to the earth. The drain field not only provides clean water to the ground, but also prevents the overflowing water of the septic tank going back into the house or to overflow.

We offer several reasons to get our services for septic drain field repair and drain field installation and some of these include:

  • Prevent overflowing of septic tank
  • Prevents water wastage
  • Provide clean filtered water to the ground

Bonney Lake Septic Drain Field Repair


With the large number of sources of water, including sinks, toilets, tubs and gardens, the chances of an overflowing septic tank increase, which can cause damage, and you need a septic drain field repair specialist to repair your septic drain system.

Existing drain field systems in Bonney Lake can also cause damage to the septic tank and it might create a need for new drain field installation. Even though underground, a drain field can be damaged. There are several causes of drain field damage which can make you need our septic drain field repair services:

  • A vehicle is driven over the drain field
  • Solid waste clogs the pipes
  • Unbroken material clogs leading to system failure

Bonney Lake Drain Field Installation


We offer the best drain field services, drain field installation and septic drain field repair in the region. Our high quality drain field installation service matches up to the industry standards and the drain field goes through high level testing.

In case of a lesser damaged drain field, septic drain field repair is preferred over new drain field installation in Bonney Lake.

We urge you to hire our services because we offer:

  • Experienced staff
  • High quality products
  • Affordable services in Bonney Lake

We at Lee Sanitation Service offer solutions to septic drain field repair services for the Bonney Lake area and beyond. To know more and hire our services, call us at (253) 777-1750 and get your drain field problems fixed or get new drain field installation.

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