Drain Fields

If you are not on city sewer service, the water that goes down your drains needs to go somewhere. Initially, the water will go into your septic tank. However, with toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, sinks and tubs all depositing water into your septic tank every day, the septic tank will fill up quickly.

To keep your septic tank from overflowing or backing up into the house, a septic system is designed to hold solid wastes in the septic tank, but to let waste water flow out of the tank into a drain field. The drain field then filters the water and allows bacteria to naturally break down any remaining solids, pathogenic organisms and viruses in the water so that by the time the water drains through the layers of earth in the field, it is clean and safe for the environment.

Auburn Drain Field


In Auburn, many houses need to utilize a drain field system. For this reason, people often rely on drain field services. Lee’s Sanitation Service came into existence in 1950 and since then has offered superb drain field service to Auburn residents.

All the waste from your home is deposited into a septic tank through sewage pipelines. Inside the septic tank solids called sludge and scrums, that is oil and fat, settle at the bottom. These should be pumped out from the septic tank every three to five years by a professional.

Drain field services in Auburn are important because:

  • Drain field in Auburn destroys impurities that comes from the septic system
  • Drain field prevents jamming in the pipeline of the septic system
  • Drain field removes all the metals and solids in the polluted liquid
  • Drain field services in Auburn help remove viruses and bacteria

Auburn Septic Drain Field Repair


It is necessary to maintain your septic system properly and on a regular basis. One common issue that requires septic drain field repair in Auburn is the formation of a slimy mat on the walls of the trench that prevents water from seeping into the ground. Septic drain field repair in Auburn is also necessary when the drain field is clogged. We provide reliable septic drain field repair services in Auburn. Our septic drain field repair services in Auburn include:

  • Pipe Repairing in case of damaged or leaked pipe
  • Repairing drainage system in an effective way
  • Cleaning and repairing septic tank

Auburn Drain Field Installation


Rely on us for new drain field installation in Auburn as we provide efficient services within your budget. We use experts for new drain field installation in Auburn. Our team is adept in new drain field installation in Auburn and use the latest techniques to complete the job efficiently. They will execute the new drain field installation keeping long-term use in mind. They also make sure that the new drain field installation is done as per the state and city norms.

We do new drain field installation for a variety of properties and soils.

You can contact us for the following new drain field installation services in Auburn:

  • Septic Tanks
  • Drain Fields
  • Pressure and Mound Systems
  • Effluent Pumps
  • Side Sewers

Lees Sanitation Service is available from Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. you can also call us at (253) 777-1750 to help with drain field problems in Auburn like new drain field installation and septic drain field repair.

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