Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Septic_Tank_Cleaning_South_King_County_Lee_SanitationAre your drains clogged? If so, Lee’s Sanitation Service can help with our drain cleaning service.

When the cause of a blockage is unclear, we go into the drain pipe to take a look for ourselves. How? We send a thin video scope down through the drain and along the pipe. The scope sends a video feed to our monitor so we can take a look at what is going on in your pipe and drain. With this video inspection tool, we can take a good look and fully understand what has happened and how we can fix the problem once and for all.

Once we understand the problem, it’s drain cleaning time.

For a typical clog, we will use a jetting line to send a powerful jet of water through the drain pipe and clear the blockage out.

However, sometimes a clog can be more complicated. At times, a tree root can infiltrate the pipe. When this happens, the roots need to be cut away and the pipe repaired. We offer a full de-rooter service to fix root problems and get outdoor pipes functioning again.

Give us a call to discuss your drain cleaning needs. We want to help clear your clogs and get your pipes flowing at full capacity again.