Renton Drain Cleaning


A clogged drain can be a frustrating experience for any home or business owner in the Renton, WA area. You can be left feeling powerless when a clogged drain can makes your Renton area plumbing fixture unusable.

Property owners in the Renton area have more to think about than the need to unclog their drains. Lee’s Sanitation Service helps keep your mind off of the clogged drain—and on more pressing matters—with our drain cleaning services. Call on us to unclog drains before they damage your home or business in the Renton area, such as:

  • Health and sanitary issues from stagnant water
  • Anxiety and inconvenience from disruption of normal operations
  • Reliability and impression issues with your customers in the Renton area

Renton Clogged Drain


We take clogged drains on your Renton area property seriously. We are aware of the problems of not being able to unclog drains in a timely manner. That’s why all our drain cleaning services use quick,sound procedures for your clogged drain onyour Renton area property.

Your clogged drain may be caused by a variety of factors. The key to successfully unclog drains on your Renton area property is for us to identify the type and location of the blockage. We insert a video scope to give us a visual on why there are clogged drains, allow us to formulate solutions, and then unclog drains efficiently and reliably.

Our drain cleaning services will:

  • Unclog drains at the source
  • Help keep future clogged drains at bay
  • Use the most effective drain cleaning solutions

Renton Unclog Drain


For simple clogged drain issues, our drain cleaning services unclog drains using a jetting line. This drain cleaning method can unclog drains by shooting a powerful jet of water to clear the blockage causing your clogged drain.

For more complicated drain cleaning situations, we apply other effective solutions to unclog drains, usually without requiring modification to your Renton area property. When you employ our drain cleaning services, we will free your sewage lines of impediments—and you may need much less drain cleaning in the future.

Call on Lee’s Sanitation Service to unclog drains for you. With our incisive drain cleaning services, the clogged drain will be a thing of the past.

We do more than just unclog drains. We also:

  • Repair or replace damaged sewage pumps
  • Install side sewers
  • Pump septic tanks
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