Enumclaw Drain Cleaning


Clogged drain? Count on Lee’s Sanitation Service to unclog any drain in your Enumclaw, WA home or business. We offer professional camera line inspection services for drain cleaning in the Enumclaw area. With video inspection technology, we are able to identify the source of the clogged drain problem.

By identifying the exact location of the clog, we help our customers save time and money. If the clog is detected outside the property, it is most likely due to tree root intrusion in the pipes. We have state-of-the-art equipment to fix this issue, including hydro-jetting. Our drain cleaning services include:

  • Residential drains
  • Commercial drains
  • Sewer drains

We have built a solid reputation for unmatched workmanship and excellent customer service. By keeping quality and cost-efficiency uppermost in our minds, we deliver innovative solutions to unclog drains in Enumclaw.

Enumclaw Clogged Drain


When you call us for your drain cleaning needs in Enumclaw, you can rest easy knowing that your clogged drain problem will be resolved right, the first time. By utilizing video inspection technology we will determine what exactly is causing a clogged drain in your Enumclaw home or business. This cutting-edge technology enables us to determine the location and nature of the blockage.

For a stubborn clogged drain, we utilize hydro-jet drain cleaners. The hydro-jet blasts out water at a very high pressure, cutting through even the most stubborn blockages. Some benefits of using our hydro-jet drain cleaning services include:

  • Eliminate stubborn clogs
  • Get long lasting results
  • Cost-effective solutions

Enumclaw Unclog Drain


If you have a clogged drain in Enumclaw, do not panic. We have the experience, the resources, the equipment and the level of commitment necessary to unclog any drain in your Enumclaw property. Our customers often ask us if we recommend any over-the-counter drain cleaners.

The truth is, these drain cleaning chemicals can cause your pipes to weaken over time. Our technicians use safe methods to unclog drains in your Enumclaw home or business. Let our technicians unclog drains and restore the flow capacity, quickly and efficiently.

We also recommend regular drain cleaning to:

  • Prevent annoying clogs from occurring
  • Minimize the stress inside the pipes
  • Prevent sewer backups

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 245-1080 to find out how we can unclog drains in your Enumclaw residential or commercial property.

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