Algona Drain Cleaning


Having a clogged drain in any home or commercial property in Algona, WA can be a big headache. The backed up wastewater can hamper several daily routine tasks and create a stinky mess. Consequences of clogged drains can be even more damaging for businesses. Unless immediate steps are taken to unclog the drain, the problem can upset employees, turn away customers and spoil the company image.

Lee’s Sanitation Service offers drain cleaning services to save Algona home and business owners from such hassles. We respond promptly to all calls for professional assistance in dealing with clogged drains. Reaching customers in no time to unclog a drain, we eliminate their troubles by ensuring that drain cleaning in the Algona properties is performed:

  • By trained and seasoned technicians
  • With great speed and extreme diligence
  • Using time-tested techniques combined with advanced technologies

Algona Clogged Drain


Our company has been providing drain cleaning services in the Algona community since 1950. During this long time we have handled countless jobs successfully, and brought lasting relief from clogged drain problems to our Algona customers.

We can help with all types of drain clogging situations, whether the clog has resulted from:

  • Tree-root intrusion into the drainpipe
  • Soap, cooking grease or hair buildup
  • An incident where a large object has been flushed (a toy, for example)
  • Accumulation of sludge

We have the knowledge, skills, experience, capabilities and confidence of clearing any clogged drain in an Algona property. No matter how stubborn the clog, our experts are sure to unclog the drain quickly and efficiently.

With us by your side, you will not have to suffer a clogged drain in your Algona property for long.

Algona Unclog Drain


We believe in providing all our customers with the finest in drain cleaning services. When home and business owners call us to unclog a drain in Algona, they can rest assured that we will not go away after making temporary fixes.

Our drain cleaning technicians use cutting-edge video camera equipment to know the cause and severity of clogging. Then, hydro-jetting and other techniques are used to unclog drain.

After we unclog drain in your Algona property, the drain will:

  • Be restored to full flow capacity
  • No longer upset your home or business
  • Stay clean and clear for a long time to come

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 245-1080 to get clogged drain in your Algona property cleared.

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