Septic System Distribution Boxes Kent

There are essentially three key elements of a septic system: a septic tank, a drain field and the distribution box (also known as a d-box) that connects the two. A distribution box is important because it takes waste water flowing through a pipe from the septic tank and distributes it throughout the drain field through a number of pipes that branch off from the box.

A distribution box must be functioning correctly, or your septic tank will back up into the house, or your drain field will flood.

Lee’s Sanitation Service specializes in distribution box installation and maintenance.

How can a distribution box break?

  • The d-box lid can collapse because someone drives over it or places significant weight on it.
  • The box itself can disintegrate. Years ago, the box was made of cement, which can break down over time. When this happens, it needs to be replaced with a modern (typically plastic) box.
  • Pipes in the d-box can become clogged due to a septic tank overflow caused by a broken outlet baffle or infrequent pumping of septic sludge.

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