Redmond Commercial Drain Field Repair


Septic drain field failure can cause the entire septic system to fail, which leads to sewage backing up into the property. While such a situation can be very alarming in a home, septic drain field failure in a commercial property can have far-reaching disastrous outcomes for the business.

At Lee’s Sanitation Service, we offer commercial drain field repair services in Redmond, WA to help businesses fix drain field problems without much disruption in their routine activities or loss of customers.

We have been providing septic drain field installation and repair services in the region since 1950. With this long history, we understand what businesses want from the commercial drain field repair professionals they hire. We make sure that all our commercial drain field repair work in Redmond properties is carried out:

  • Quickly
  • As discreetly as possible
  • By well-trained technicians
  • With minimal noise

Redmond Drain Field Installation


Our company is the leading source for drain field installation in the Redmond area. Businesses that want their new constructions to have a right-sized leach field that works efficiently for years to come should call us to receive an estimate for the work needed.

We work with businesses of all sizes to meet their drain field installation needs. Our technicians can advise customers of which capacity septic system would be appropriate for their current and future requirements.

Whatever leach field size needed, we will complete the septic drain field construction with:

  • Quality materials
  • Diligence, without rushing through the job
  • Compliance with the local codes

Moreover, we keep our commercial drain field installation prices very competitive.

Redmond Septic Drain Field


Commercial drain field repair is not a job that can wait. Ignoring leach field problems can cost any business a very large amount of money.

Why is a septic drain field important? It absorbs wastewater from the septic tank, emptying it to receive more waste being constantly generated on the property. It also allows bacteria to break down pathogens in the wastewater so that clean water seeps into the ground.

Call us immediately when you have septic drain field problems in your Redmond business property. We are the ideal choice for commercial drain field repair services because of our:

  • Fast response
  • Efficient and enduring repairs
  • Affordable prices
  • Smooth, professional job handling

Need commercial drain field installation or repair services in Redmond? Call Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 245-1080.

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