Puyallup Commercial Drain Field Repair


Since 1950, Lee’s Sanitation Service has been the most trusted sources for commercial drain field repair services in the Puyallup, WA area.

The septic drain field also called a leach field comprises a network of perforated pipes connected to the septic tank and installed underground. The purpose of drain field is to disperse wastewater into the soil.

Septic drain field failure can stall the working of the septic system. We offer commercial drain field repair services to help Puyallup businesses avoid the hassles from septic system breakdown.

We work on any large capacity septic system and provide commercial drain field repair to fix any leach issue, whether it is caused by:

  • Clogging
  • Tree-root infiltration
  • Broken piping

Puyallup Drain Field Installation


Drain field installation is a job that is best left to skilled and seasoned technicians like ours. Ensuring correct installation of the correctly sized drain field in your commercial property is the best way you can:

  • Have a properly working leach field
  • Increase the longevity of your septic system
  • Minimize your future leach field problems

Whether you need septic drain field installation in Puyallup to complete your new construction or need to replace the leach field in your existing property, hire us to do the job.

We have the knowledge, expertise, experience and resources to have the drain field installation in your business place done to the right specifications.

Puyallup Septic Drain Field


Why is a septic drain field important? Choosing the right company to resolve septic drain field problems means the company really understands drain fields and the Puyallup area.

A properly designed and installed drain field is necessary to ensure that wastewater from the septic tank will be leached into the soil and not allowed to collect causing sewage backup.

Knowledge of the soils in this area and how they affect this process is imperative. We understand our soils and are the right choice for the job.

We appreciate how much a failed septic drain field can harm your business so we provide technicians who:

  • Have experience in drain field installation and repair
  • Equipped with cutting-edge tools and correct materials
  • Have the reputation for honest, customer-friendly approach to work

Call (253) 777-1750 to contact Lee’s Sanitation Service for commercial drain field installation or repair in Puyallup.

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