Kent Commercial Drain Field Repair


If you are searching for capable and reliable professionals for commercial drain field repair services in the Kent, WA area, look no further than Lee’s Sanitation Service!

No matter how large the capacity is of the septic system installed on your property, it will have problems with its drain or leach field in time. Call our commercial drain field repair experts when you suspect there may be problems with your system.

Some indications that you might need commercial drain field repair in your Kent property include:

  • An unusually mushy yard
  • Wastewater backup through drains in the property
  • Sewage odor on the property

Kent Drain Field Installation


Needing a septic system on your new construction project? Make sure that the drain field installation is done by knowledgeable professionals. An inefficient leach field can lead to frequent septic system failures on the property causing numerous problems.

No business in Kent can afford issues related to the septic drain field. Business and customers both suffer when there are septic issues. When building make sure the right septic and drain field are installed based on the size of your building by using the right company.

When you hire us for drain field installation in your new commercial property you will know that we have the knowledge to give you exactly what you need. We construct your septic drain field:

  • With precision
  • Using the correct materials
  • Following the local codes

Kent Septic Drain Field


Not many business owners realize how dependent their daily operations are on the condition of septic drain field on their Kent property. Why is a septic drain field important? It processes the wastewater flowing from the septic tank before it seeps deep into the ground.

Correct drain field installation and a healthy septic drain field ensures proper decomposition of organic matter in the wastewater and allows the release of clean, safe water into the environment.

Call us to fix leach field problems so your business is not disrupted with wastewater flooding the property. We are the right choice for commercial drain field repair because of our:

  • Extensive industry experience
  • Skilled technicians
  • Competitive prices
  • Customer service attitude

Trust Lee’s Sanitation Service for all your commercial drain field repair and new drain field installation needs in Kent. Call (253) 777-1750.

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