Graham Commercial Drain Field Repair


When the septic drain field in your Graham, WA business property shows signs of failure, you should lose no time in calling in the most efficient, professional and reliable commercial drain field repair specialists serving your community.

Lee’s Sanitation Service is the one to call.

Our company is the leading sanitation services provider servicing the area since 1950. Over the years we have carried out successful commercial drain field repair in countless Graham business properties.

Commercial properties tend to have higher water usage and generate more wastewater than residential properties. Therefore, it is important to install large capacity septic systems and a corresponding drain field on your commercial property.

The need for commercial drain field repair can occur for many different reasons and cause:

  • Leach field becoming water-saturated
  • Tipping of septic effluent D-box
  • Damaged septic tank
  • Clogged drain field pipes

Graham Drain Field Installation


Proper drain field installation in your Graham commercial property is the key to ensuring that your business is not disturbed by septic system issues. Let us handle the drain field installation work in your new construction.

When we install your system you will know that your commercial property will have an accurately installed, high-absorbing septic drain field.

We take pride in our unmatched record of drain field installation services meeting the exact specifications for the property’s soil and percolation properties resulting in the right system for you.

Whatever the leach field size we have to lay, we make sure that all our commercial drain field installation jobs are completed with:

  • Excellent workmanship
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Correct materials

Graham Septic Drain Field


Why is a septic drain field important? Why should I not call just any neighborhood plumber to resolve my septic drain field problems in Graham? Knowledge of the area and building codes is essential to having the right septic drain field for your property.

If your septic drain field is not working properly it can cause the breakdown of the entire septic system.

Call us for commercial drain field repair to ensure correct wastewater disposal on your business property. We will fix your drain field problems:

  • Without any delay
  • With lasting solutions
  • At a fair price

Lee’s Sanitation Service is the expert to call for commercial drain field repair or drain field installation in Graham. Dial (253) 777-1750.

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