Eatonville Commercial Drain Field Repair


Do you have a septic system backing up on your business property? Are your customers complaining of a persistent sewage smell on the premises? Have you observed unusually green grass patches in the yard of your commercial establishment?

The culprit may be a clogged septic drain field. Call Lee’s Sanitation Service right away for their commercial drain field repair experts to assess your Eatonville, WA property.

We have been servicing the community since 1950 and have established ourselves as the most reliable source for resolving leach field problems in large capacity septic system that any commercial property has.

When we handle your commercial drain field repair job in Eatonville, you can be assured that it will be done:

  • As quickly as possible
  • Efficiently
  • In compliance with the applicable codes

Eatonville Drain Field Installation


We have provided professional drain field installation for new construction in the Eatonville area for a number of years. Whether it is a brand new construction job or a need to replace an existing septic tank or leach field we are the professionals you can trust. We are the people to call.

You can count on our skillful technicians to design and install a septic drain field that minimizes your future leach field problems. We make sure that the:

  • Leach field size is appropriate for your wastewater disposal needs
  • Drain field installation is code-complaint
  • The correct materials are used for drain field installation
  • Work is handled with diligence and commitment to excellence

Eatonville Septic Drain Field


Business owners who do not want to leave the functioning of their leach field to chance only turn to our commercial drain field repair experts when they have septic drain field problems in Eatonville.

Wondering why a septic drain field is important? Because the efficient running of a septic system depends largely on its drain field readily absorbing and leaching the wastewater that flows into it from the septic tank.

Delayed commercial drain field repair can lead to a messy sewage backup in your business place. Let us fix your leach field problems. We:

  • Schedule the repair job immediately
  • Send the technicians well-prepared with required tools and supplies
  • Focus on providing lasting commercial drain field repair solutions

To learn more about Lee’s Sanitation Service for drain field installation or repair, Eatonville businesses should call (253) 777-1750.