Des Moines Commercial Drain Field Repair


The requirements of commercial drain fields are different from residential ones, simply for the scale of operations. If you are experiencing any problems with your septic drain field and you are looking for a reliable company, we can help.

We at Lee’s Sanitation Service offer high quality commercial drain field repair services for Des Moines, WA property owners. As a reliable and reputed company, we offer superior services for commercial drain field repair in the cases of:

  • Compacted soil from vehicles driving or parking overhead
  • Clogs in the septic system
  • Solid waste backup due to breakage of the baffle

You can rely on us for the best services for commercial drain field repair in Des Moines, as we have been offering such services for facilities with large capacity septic systems for many years.

Our trained and skilled technicians are well-versed in their job and provide high quality septic drain field installation and repair.

Des Moines Drain Field Installation


New construction requires proper drainage systems so that they do not have to face problems later on. We provide superior drain field installation in Des Moines based on the size of the establishment and its requirements.

As an established and experienced company, we offer drain field installation for all types of soils, including:

  • Infiltrators
  • Pressure drain fields
  • Gravity drain fields
  • Mound systems

You can rely on us for septic drain field construction, as we are familiar with the local and state codes. We will ensure that all work related to drain field installation is within your budget and is completed within the stipulated time.

Des Moines Septic Drain Field


When it is about the sanity and hygiene of your commercial establishment, you do not want to compromise and want only the best.

There might be several companies offering septic drain field installation in Des Moines but you need to find the best to ensure that you are getting proper commercial drain field repair services.

You can choose us for your septic drain field repair or installation, as we are:

  • Reliable
  • Recommended
  • Reputed
  • Affordable

We offer great value for your money when you choose us for septic drain field repair services.

If you have any need for commercial drain field repair in Des Moines, call Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 777-1750.

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