Auburn Commercial Drain Field Repair


Has a clogged or failed septic drain field disrupted your business and large problems on your commercial property? Call to Lee’s Sanitation Service to help you resolve the problem.

We offer specialized commercial drain field repair services in Auburn, WA to correct all types of drain field or leach field problems arising on business properties.

There are several reasons why businesses may have to call in our commercial drain field repair specialists. Some causes of leach field failure are:

  • Improperly installed drain field
  • Poor maintenance of the septic tank
  • Extremely heavy usage of water

No matter how large a capacity septic system your business place has we are the commercial drain field repair professionals in Auburn you can trust to fix it.

Auburn Drain Field Installation


Having your drain field is installed correctly determines how smoothly your septic system will function.

When you trust your commercial septic system drain field installation to us you will receive professional, budget-friendly work.

When you have us install your drain field we:

  • Provide qualified professionals to assess your property
  • Evaluate the flow, soil and other conditions at the site
  • Custom-design a septic field suitable for your needs
  • Carry out drain field installation in compliance with all local codes

Auburn Septic Drain Field


Are you wondering – why is a septic drain field important? It is extremely important that your septic drain field issues are resolved promptly by experienced technicians. Because septic drain fields remove the contaminants and impurities from the liquid that comes from a septic tank.

Having timely drain field repairs done are crucial to preventing costly property damage.

As a business owner, you should know that absence of a proper drain field exposes your commercial property to the risk of severe flooding. Whether you need to hire someone for drain field installation or commercial drain field repair, take the time to find the right professionals. Let us do the job for you!

Our company has been providing sanitation services for homes and businesses since 1950. We can be trusted to complete drain field installation jobs and provide septic drain field repair solutions that are correct for the situation.

Regardless of the leach field size, all our commercial drain field repair jobs are done:

  • Quickly
  • Efficiently and effectively
  • Safely, without damaging the septic system

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 777-1750 for septic drain field installation or repair in Auburn.