Algona Commercial Drain Field Repair


When it comes to commercial drain field repair in Algona, WA, the services offered by Lee’s Sanitation Service stand second to none. We specialize in repairing large capacity septic system unique to commercial properties.

We have been in business since 1950 and have successful resolved countless simple and complex septic drain field problems. With our commercial drain field repair services, you can be assured we will have your septic system working fine within no time.

Property owners who call us for commercial drain field repair in Algona trust us for:

  • Quick response
  • Effective and lasting solutions
  • Competitive prices
  • Drain field installation

Algona Drain Field Installation


Our expertise with septic systems includes drain field installation.

We cater to all the people who need a leach field installed on their new commercial property or want septic drain field installation services in Algona to replace the old leach field on their existing business property.

We realize that there is a lot more to septic drain field construction than simply digging trenches and laying down pipes. To design and lay down a leach field that works efficiently for years to come, it is important that the:

  • Leach field size is right
  • Drain field installation is done correctly
  • Assessment of soil and flow conditions is correct

Our trained and experienced technicians on drain field installation jobs will make sure all installations meet all the proper building codes for the area.

Algona Septic Drain Field


Settle for nothing but the best in commercial drain field repair services when leach field problems crop up in your business property.

Why is a septic drain field important? We want you to keep in mind that a clogged or otherwise non-working drain field can put the entire septic system out of action.

A septic drain field that is not working correctly means that the waste flowing into it will not be disposed properly and will start backing up into the property. Count on us for Algona drain field installation

Call us as soon as you observe septic drain field problems in your Algona business. Our commercial drain field repair experts will arrive quickly to fix the underlying issue before you:

  • Upset customers
  • Lose business
  • Harm company image

Lee’s Sanitation Service is the name to trust for commercial drain field installation and repair in Algona. Call (253) 777-1750.

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