Redmond Backhoe


When working on a building project, the need for backhoe service is often realized as it helps in various tasks necessary for construction. This is when looking for a professional backhoe service provider is necessary. These professionals have trained backhoe operators who are capable of providing effective service.

Lee’s Sanitation has been operating as excavation experts for a long time now and has been serving the Redmond, WA area with dedication. If you require bulldozers or a backhoe, we arrive at your site with the necessary equipment to provide you with proficient service and help you with your Redmond construction project.

Realizing the need for precise backhoe service, we are committed to providing the equipment and operators in Redmond. Choosing us as your backhoe service providers, you can expect:

  • Accurate backhoe service
  • Safe backhoe service
  • Reliable backhoe service
  • Professional support
  • Real results

Redmond Excavation


A large number of Redmond residents seek excavation service while constructing a building since excavation is one of the vital aspects of construction. Excavation is the process of removing earth, which enables the construction of your Redmond basement or foundation. Search for trusted excavation providers in the Redmond area to receive accurate service.

Bring an end to your search for a dependable excavation expert with us in the Redmond area. In addition to focusing on delivering precise service to Redmond residents, we ensure to pay attention to environmental concerns. We are known to deliver the following in Redmond:

  • Damage-free excavation
  • Quality excavation with the help of a backhoe and bulldozers
  • Spark-free excavation when removing toxic components
  • Eco-friendly excavation
  • Excavation service for confined areas

Redmond Bulldozers


Bulldozers, equipped with a claw-like tool at the rear, are usually used for excavation in Redmond since bulldozers come with many benefits, some of which include:

  • Provide the flexibility to add extra attachments
  • Can move on sandy surfaces
  • Have excellent land holding capability
  • Serve multiple purpose, including loading, sweeping and backfilling
  • Bulldozers can remove even compacted soil

If you are laying a new foundation or driveway in Redmond and need bulldozers to proceed with your project, come to us. In addition to bulldozers, we can provide you with backhoe service to enhance your building experience.

Redmond residents can call Lee’s Sanitation at (253) 777-1750 when the need for a backhoe or bulldozers is realized.

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