Puyallup Backhoe


Set up in 1950, Lee’s Sanitation is known for quality backhoe and excavation service in Puyallup, WA. Catering to your construction needs in Puyallup, we provide you with bulldozers and a backhoe when the need for such equipment is realized, thus helping you effectively with your building project.

Since excavation is one of the vital aspects of construction, the need for backhoe service is often felt as a backhoe is capable of precise and quick digging. Thus, whether you are constructing a commercial or residential building in Puyallup, it is wise to look for reliable backhoe providers for the betterment of your project.

When seeking backhoe service from dependable specialists in the Puyallup area, come to us. In addition to providing you with backhoe service, we come with our bulldozers to help you with your construction project. We deliver:

  • Effective backhoe service
  • Careful backhoe service
  • Professional backhoe service
  • Safe backhoe service
  • Cost-effective backhoe service

Puyallup Excavation


Excavation services are necessary for any construction project. Whether you are working on a landscaping project or on a backyard in Puyallup, you might require excavation service. Since there are many excavation service providers in Puyallup, it is essential to choose your provider wisely.

If you need excavation service in Puyallup, we can help. Providing Puyallup residents with the following, we make a right choice for receiving excavation service:

  • Patio excavation
  • Foundation excavation
  • Secure excavation
  • Meticulous service
  • Dedicated personnel

Choosing us as your Puyallup digging experts, you can be sure of receiving quality excavation service.

Puyallup Bulldozers


Bulldozers are one of the essential machines used for the construction of driveways and new foundations. In addition to helping you with digging, bulldozers offer various other benefits, including:

  • Bulldozers help in deep excavation
  • Bulldozers allow the addition of extra attachments as per building needs
  • Bulldozers can easily move in muddy or sandy grounds
  • Bulldozers can carry more material while loading
  • Bulldozers come with great ground holding capability

If you require bulldozers for your Puyallup building project, get in touch with us. Our professionals operating bulldozers arrive at your Puyallup construction location to serve you, while keeping your building goals and preferences in mind.

Residents of Puyallup requiring bulldozers for effective digging and other construction needs can call Lee’s Sanitation at (253) 777-1750 to receive proficient service. We look forward to serving you!