Lakewood Backhoe


Lee’s Sanitation, working as excavation experts since 1950, is now serving the Lakewood, WA area. Whether the need for bulldozers or a backhoe is felt in Lakewood, we make sure to deliver precise service to turn your construction project into a successful venture.

A large number of Lakewood residents working on their building project often realize the need for backhoe service. This can be either to carry out the excavation process or to achieve other tasks that a backhoe can perform.

If you too are looking for backhoe service in Lakewood, count on us. Operating as trusted backhoe service providers for so long, we ensure to deliver the following in Lakewood:

  • Quality backhoe service
  • Affordable yet effective backhoe service
  • Professional backhoe service
  • Backhoe service for foundation digging, patio excavation and driveways
  • Safe backhoe service

Lakewood Excavation


Excavation is the process of removing debris and soil from the earth and is necessary for any construction project. Whether you are working on landscaping or a backyard project in Lakewood, the right excavation service can help you accomplish your construction goals.

The premium excavation service offered by us in Lakewood is a safe and reliable way to get your job done. Our Lakewood area professionals come with a backhoe and bulldozers to your site to deliver accurate excavation. We are known to provide:

  • Damage-free excavation
  • Secure excavation
  • Excavation service while keeping environmental concerns in mind
  • Effective excavation
  • Spark-free excavation when removing toxic materials

Lakewood Bulldozers


Bulldozers are a giant and powerful piece of equipment that can help you with your construction project in Lakewood. Since bulldozers are able to perform multiple operations, they can cater to varied Lakewood construction needs. Some of the benefits of bulldozers include:

  • Bulldozers can help in sweeping and grabbing
  • Bulldozers have great holding potential
  • Bulldozers can move in tough terrains
  • Bulldozers can push densely compact objects from the earth
  • The transmission systems of bulldozers help provide outstanding attractive force

If you are building a new foundation in Lakewood or are working on landscaping, you can get in touch with us when the requirement for bulldozers is realized. Our professionals arrive at your site with bulldozers to deliver meticulous service, while considering your preferences.

For all types of bulldozing and backhoe needs, Lakewood residents can call the professionals Lee’s Sanitation at (253) 777-1750.