Kent Backhoe

Get affordable Kent backhoe service near 98032

When you are working on a construction project in Kent, WA, backhoe service becomes a necessity. Backhoe machinery mainly used for excavation can help you with your building needs by removing the soil and sand from the construction site. Besides, a:

  • Backhoe helps in building bridges and roads
  • Backhoe is used in agricultural projects
  • Backhoe can be used to clear snow
  • Backhoe helps in sweeping surfaces
  • Backhoe can be used for loading

Serving as excavation experts since 1950, Lee’s Sanitation has become a preferred choice when it comes to getting backhoe and bulldozing service in Kent. We have skilled professionals to operate a backhoe and bulldozers to ensure prevention from hazards.

If you are seeking backhoe service in Kent, we are the professionals you can count on. Whether you are constructing an office building or working on a residential project, our Kent area backhoe service providers deliver precise service.

Kent Excavation

Kent excavation is our specialty at Lee's Sanitation Service since 1950.

Excavation deals with the removal of earth to enable the construction of a basement or foundation. When you are working in your Kent backyard or working on a landscaping project, receiving excavation service becomes essential. Thus, look for trusted excavation professionals who can provide you with quality results in Kent.

When searching for premium excavation service in Kent, we make a perfect option. Our Kent area digging experts are known to deliver:

  • Accurate excavation
  • Secure excavation
  • Damage free excavation
  • Experienced excavation service
  • Excavation service in confined areas

Kent Bulldozers

Affordable Kent Bulldozers near 98032.

Bulldozers are one of the necessary machines that cannot be ignored when working on a construction project. Whether it is building a new foundation or creating a backyard in Kent, bulldozers can be extremely beneficial as they are able to perform multiple tasks necessary for accurate construction. A few benefits of bulldozers include:

  • Bulldozers help in effective excavation
  • Bulldozers offer flexibility to add extra attachments as per your construction needs
  • Bulldozers can help in sweeping, grabbing and loading
  • Bulldozers can easily remove compact materials from the earth
  • Bulldozers can move on any surface

If your construction project in Kent requires bulldozers, depend on us. We make sure that our bulldozers come to your construction site. Additionally, we have employed trained operators for bulldozers to ensure precise results for your Kent building project.

To get proficient bulldozing and backhoe service in Kent, call Lee’s Sanitation at (253) 777-1750.

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